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9 thoughts on “ Don´t Switch Me On - Eternal Bleeding (2) - Dead Eyes Kissed The Light (CD, Album)
  1. Gokazahn says:
    Stripped & Ripped by PIG, released 01 July 1. The Chosen Few (Defrocked Bishop Remix by Cubanate) 2. Morphine Machine (The tweaker Remix) 3. Loud, Lawless & Lost (Laut, Gesetzlos und Verloren Remix by PIG) 4. The Revelation (The Fukken Uber Revelation Remix by Hanzel und Gretyl) 5. Truth is Sin (Bog Standard Industrial Remix by Featured) 6.
  2. Faeramar says:
    DIABEŁ by Non Opus Dei, released 18 September 1. Milk of Toads 2. In the Angles of Her Sigil 3. Władca Ropuch 4. gold-finding Hen, kiss-finding Whore 5. The other side of the Mushroom 6. Pustka Twoja we mnie 7. Trickster - Shapeshifter 8. Plony 9. Oko kruka głowa anioła The Tenfold Gift.
  3. Kagajin says:
    Wake me up from these visions of lies I don't want to be here Tell myself that this can't be real I fear what's coming next I'm bleeding in the brain I wish this would end I'm tired of being here to watch your mistakes Wake me the fuck up Wake me the fuck up Wake me the fuck up Needle in the eyes forced to see it all Truth within the lies Society is a joke Needle in the eyes forced to see it.
  4. Nebar says:
    Dead eyes brought you here. Now you pretend its over. Use me for your despair. This will end never. All of your regrets Will be with you tomorrow. Use me for your despair. Bring me, bring me sorrow. Dead eyes brought you here. Welcome to your end of days. Use me for your despair. Welcome to your end of days. All of your regrets Welcome to your.
  5. Fauzshura says:
    Death Eternal by The Bleeding, released 12 September 1. Aggressor 2. Death Eternal 3. Storm of the Hellspawn 4. The Bleeding Hand 5. Union of Horror 6. My Transformation.
  6. Tojarisar says:
    Samsara by Karybdis, released 19 February 1. Rorschach 2. Forsaken 3. Constellations 4. Ascendancy 5. Mermaids 6. Samsara 7. Summon the Tides 8. Monster 9. Avarice Absense Karybdis are set to enter in the form of their lives, with a brand new album that deserves to propel them to the forefront of the UK scene and beyond. This is metal made for the love of creativity and the.
  7. Gardataxe says:
    Nov 08,  · From the Bleed With Me half of the split CD with Emeth.
  8. Molabar says:
    Melodic Hatecore Track List: Intro - Dead Eyes Kissed The Night - Between Hell - My Vision - Scars N' Strife - Right Doors Have Only One Entry - Bleed To Forget - Until The World is Burning - Good Old Dreams Rising Tomorrow Again - Don't Switch Me On - Antisocial Conditions - Only A Nightmare Remains - I'd Never Seen - Running Through The Fire Melodic hatecore from Germany.
  9. Zulkit says:
    Exposure Therapy by WINGTIPS, released 23 August 1. Eintrot 2. Deaf Pursuit 3. Accidental Effigies 4. After The Storm 5. The Eye That Follows Suit 6. Sentinel 7. Here And Now 8. Ghosted 9. Relativity Innocent Blood Exposure Therapy is the debut record from exciting new goth-pop duo WINGTIPS, which recently announced a deal with Toronto-based Artoffact Records.

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