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  1. Shaktik says:
    Dashing White Sergeant. This is a group dance so you’ll need to gather in groups of three. It’s a reel, and it’s a very sociable dance, changing partners every so often, meaning your group of three will get the chance to dance with lots of different people. It dates back around years, having first become popular in the mid 19th century.
  2. Faunos says:
    Oct 18,  · As far as dancing The Dashing White Sergeant, the dance is one of our most popular at ceilidhs and it is indeed something to see the intricate manoeuvres on the floor as the dancers, not in the usual two2 but as 2 threes in a set of six, make their way around the hall, changing groups at the end of eacj set of moves.
  3. Kajimuro says:
    The Dashing White Sergeant is the first of the “reels”. Again, very popular, the dance origins are unknown, but thought to originate from a song of similar name, telling the story of a girl who wishes to dress as a soldier to follow her loved one on to the battlefield.
  4. Goltikinos says:
    The Dashing White Sergeant. Listen to the song here if it doesn't play automatically. The song will play in a new window allowing you to follow the words as you listen to the song. by Sir Hugh Roberton. Sung by The Glasgow Oprpheus Choir. Now the fiddler's ready, let us all begin!
  5. JoJot says:
    The Dashing White Sergeant Groups of three facing all forming oval around dance floor (Queen Mother’s Reel version) (difference is teapots with spare facing 3rd person instead of turn) Lines of three facing each other (1 man between 2 ladies or 1 lady between 2 men).
  6. Mezikree says:
    Performance Of The Dashing White Sergeant - Katharine Barber And The Country Dance Team, The Dashing White Sergeant - YouTube Scottish Country Dancing Video. Animated Characters Performing The Dashing White Sergeant - DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing. See The Dashing White SergeantDance Instruction Page.
  7. Sharr says:
    Dec 11,  · The Dashing White Sergeant - step-by-step guide. Follow Robbie Shepherd's simple guide for this traditional Scottish country dance. Release date: 11 December Duration: 1 minute.
  8. Julkis says:
    Mar 29,  · Scottish folk dance tune “The Dashing White Sergeant” is the name of a Scottish social (céilidh) dance. The tune is derived from a song of the same name, written by English composer, conductor and arranger Sir Henry Rowley Bishop, and was published in the mids.

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